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Monday, 2 December 2013

Things Needs When Start a Blog

We earlier discussed few topic before start a blog.

Finally you decided to start a blog. Well it's the right decision. Before read this article, Take some time and just go through above links. Those links give better understanding about blogging. Now we continue this topic.

Buy Domain According To Niche

Basically this is first step, Choose domain name. It's easy to take any domain name if it is available. This is the fun part of blogging BUT take it seriously. If first step is wrong they whole journey reach you at another destination.

Domain name is another identity of you. Visitor come through you by using this address. Be careful when choose the domain. Don't buy domain which you like, Buy those domain which give success sooner.

What To Use ? Purchased or Not Purchased ?

This is one journey you can start with investment or without investment. As a newbie blogger, start from anyway BUT start it. Those who select free service, finally they convert into purchased services Because they earn something or need to invest.

Better to buy domain. Google and readers, both like top level domain in the sense purchased domain. This seems you are interested in blogging that's why you invested. But in the stat 4-6 month it's ok if you not have purchased domain name.

As my opinion, IF you want to seriously work out in this fired than purchase it. Yearly it's cost about $10.

Platform For Blog [Free Or Purchased]

Important question of blogger. hundred of platform are available on net. Which is best ?

You totally confused. When you have some many option that time there is chance to confuse. Don't worry you are right place to fin the right answer.

All platforms are good BUT today blogger and wordpress, most usable platform which people like.

For fresh blogger, my advice to use blogger and go with free services. Start with free service is good. Blogger is easy and it's the product of google.

Wordpress is complex platform. Need to put more effort to use it. It's too costly, There are things if you want to use they you have to pay for it. If you are using wordpress than you have to buy hosting, in case of blogger, they give free hosting services. BUT anyway wordpress is more flexible and good to use. Expert are using this and newbie use blogger.

Need Niche Templates For Blog

Tonnes of theme available on net. When you going to search on theme for blog than many of many themes you will see instead of you. Every template have it's own importants for particular niche site. Those who fresher simple select the theme which they like. BUT we need those template which google like and reader come again by seeing it.

Use Free Theme or Premium Theme ?

Weather you go through free theme or premium theme BUT select niche theme. First select is for niche template and after wards question comes out free templates or premium templates ?

Till now if you are not earned any money than go with free theme. For newbie, go to for free theme service because you have to learn so much things so don't just simply give money. Use money when actually need it.

Premium theme have cost upon it. Every month have to pay their cost. BUT costly theme have benefits of own. If blog have good amount of traffic then go through premium theme.


Three things i explained in this article. Domain name, Blog platform and Theme for blog. This are three basic need when you want work on blog than it will be needed. On my next article we will discuss about How to find perfect niche ? How to choose perfect domain name ? and How to setup domain on platform of blog ? Sooner we will continue more and more topic about blogging.

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